Power, Water and more

It's all about convenience. When you are at Goose Landing Lodge, you have access to everything you might need to make your stay comfortable, regardless of conditions. Everything has been thought through and all manner of items you may require are included in the sale. The comprehensive list includes, but is not limited to, workshops, generators, studios, garages, storage, gardens and much more.

A well thought out and comprehensive selection of buildings facilitates keeping Goose Landing Lodge maintained.

Primary Outbuildings

Staff Accommodations / Workshop: An expansive workshop is in place which easily houses multiple maintenance vehicles. Built in shelving and work benches accommodate tools and equipment needed to upkeep the property. The upper level houses the staff accommodations, consisting of three bedrooms and a three piece bathroom.

Art Studio: The 288 square foot art studio draws inspiration from the breathtaking scenery surrounding. Alternatively, it could easily be converted into a yoga studio.

Boathouse: The interior consists of 1,006 square feet of space with built in shelving and concrete flooring.

Comprehensive Floorplan: A full list of buildings and floorplans can be found by clicking here.

Additional Out Buildings

Yardworks Building: The yardworks building and green house allows easy access to maintenance tools and equipment for the avid gardener.

Generator Room: The separate generator room contains two generators providing ample power to the entire estate at all times regardless of weather.

Garage / Shop: A single garage / workshop with both an area for woodworking and an area for mechanics to work on any of the island's vehicles. Many tools also come with this location.

Included Equipment: A large list of included equipment can be found by clicking here.

Building List with sizes: A list of all buildings and their dimensions can be found by clicking here.

Property Wells

Well #1: Gen Shed. Depth‐180ft producing 15+ USGPM

Well #2: Near Pat’s Studio Depth‐200ft. Producing 30+ USGPM

Well #3: Veggy Garden Well Depth‐290ft Producing 25+ USGPM

Well #4: Quarry Well Depth‐237ft Producing 12+ USGPM

NOTE: The above specs are for the individual well’s total water recovery capability and not the pumps capability.