An investment in Goose Landing brings into focus the opportunity to own a singular ocean and lake-front resort location of spectacular size, grade and exclusivity on Stuart Island (home to billionaires). Situated just 10 airborne minutes from the Campbell River port of entry, an estate like Goose Landing comes along but once in a lifetime. Idyllic and perfect as-is, she boasts several development opportunities ranging from an expanded family compound, to an epic members-only fishing club, to a world-class luxury wilderness resort — to name a few. The heavy lifting has already been done with the design and installation of future-focused systems, infrastructure and power-generation; which supports several new development scenarios with minimal fortification.


  • Minimally-developed legacy property to gather generations of family and friends.
  • Private family and friends retreat just for and about world-class fishing.
  • Full-immersion nature and wellness retreat of intimate scale.
  • Members-only fishing club for 5 to 50.
  • High-end corporate retreat complemented by nature and fishing.
  • Full-on five-star luxury eco-resort.



If personal peace, privacy and tranquility are your ultimate rewards, with or without a focus on fishing, then Goose Landing is move-in-ready for making memories. As family needs grow, so too can the sanctuary. Expansion of space for larger family gatherings is within your grasp within the wonderful setting from the Primary Lodge. One big happy family or several as you choose, retreating as a group or in isolation, at the same time or in rotation — the possibilities are endless.


As the world grows smaller, members-only resorts gain popularity and fishing ranks high among them. With like-minded, passionate anglers eager to invest, recreate and entertain together among invited guests. As it stands, Goose Landing could support a tiered membership based on relative configuration and location of current structures, but the guest house site is prime for expansion to a few scenarios and/or with the additional of several stepped, self-contained townhouses with sweeping views of the inlet. The dock, built with a view to the future, could increase capacity easily, using existing expansion plans.


The existing buildings and grounds could immediately welcome guests to an immersion wellness retreat offering varying levels of an a la carte service, based on an owner-operated bed and breakfast model of accommodation and meal provision. By embracing and marketing indoor and outdoor activities, and healthful nutritious dining, based on the seasons, retreat operators could leverage authentic unique selling propositions like natural medicine and wild food foraging, lake fishing/kayaking/paddle-boarding, organic gardening, nutri-cooking lessons, writing retreats, interpretive and natural history hikes, forest and sunset yoga, outdoor fitness, marine tours and more, at minimal cost.


Few locations offer as many corporate incentives as Goose Landing. Neighborhood, recreation, nature, connectivity, prestige and really big fish will inspire big results for companies in search of the ultimate meetings and incentive destination. Using the popular corporate retreat model of separating the Primary Lodge from retreat grounds, Goose Landing is prime for expansion. The guest house area, near the helipad is ideally suited to re-imagine as a corporate compound, with a central building offering common dining and flex meeting space, and any configuration of guest accommodations.


Already legendary among the privileged, as one of the world’s great year-round fishing destinations, Goose Landing could begin its luxury fishing lodge life immediately. Purpose-built for all things fishing, the existing accommodations could easily host individual and small group bookings. Future development could take place over time in one or two phases, as above or in combination, with or without the Primary Lodge. The ultimate icon fishing resort might see the addition of a vast and spectacular three-story, glass-fronted dining facility countersunk into the hillside overlooking Bute Inlet, breaching whales and stellar sunsets along with seven guesthouse-size buildings, articulated in parallels, plus a common area building for recreation and activities, could support upwards of 75 guests, based on single occupancy. Viewed from the water — reflecting the sea, sky and descending seaplanes — such architectural spectacle would be a resort branding dream-come-true. The competitive advantage of a 12-month season, plus the added element of lake fishing on-site, afford numerous promotional opportunities for singles and couples, not available to northerly and seasonal resorts.